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Church of God and Saints of Christ
Temple Beth El - Chief Rabbi Phillip E. McNeil

Malawi Roof Project

  • The DHIM continues to support requests to fund the installation of new roofs.
  • In some tabernacles, when it rains, the floors become mud.  During the three-four month rainy season, the storms are torrential and it is nearly impossible for the saints to hold worship service.  The roofs must be repaired periodically.

A total of eight (8) tabernacles have had roofs replaced through this initiative:

  1. Zion Tabernacle Beth-El
  2. Nyalugwe Tabernacle Beth-El
  3. Mangalala Tabernacle Beth-El
  4. Njerenje Tabernacle Beth-El
  5. Beth-El Tabernacle Beth-El
  6. Sinai Tabernacle Beth-El
  7. Kavithiwa Tabernacle Beth-El
  8. Balaka Tabernacle Beth-El 

This year we have processed a request to fund one roof replacement:

  • Mtendere Tabernacle Beth-El ($3,272.96)

The remaining tabernacles are:

  • Nasawa Tabernacle Beth-El 
  • Blantyre City Tabernacle Beth-El 
  • Lilongwe City Tabernacle Beth-El 
  • Bethsaida Tabernacle Beth-El 

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